Adswerve + Google Cloud: Client Success Stories We’re Excited About

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Last week, the team at Adswerve announced that we have achieved the Data Analytics Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Program and were awarded a Google Partner Platform Award for our work with the World Surf League. We are proud of the work we have done with Google to help break down the silos that exist for marketers. In the past two years, our team has successfully set up more than 200 brands and agencies on the Google Cloud Platform . You may be asking, what is the benefit to marketers? The expectations of marketers have changed. It used to be that marketers could capture data from each marketing platform and make decisions based on each platform’s performance without seeing the big picture. Today's most successful marketers require customer insights in near real-time and a clear picture of how everything is performing across platforms. By connecting the pipes and bringing that data into one place, Adswerve can help agencies and brands break out of the marketing silos with trusted data. These silos include websites, digital, email, social, Salesforce and more. With this new, complete picture in-hand, marketers can better understand the customer journey and make predictions based on past buyer behaviors and more efficiently personalize their digital campaigns.

Marketers Are Seeing Great Results!

YMCAs across the country are transforming their organizations, driven by the realization that they can do even more for their communities. The YMCA of San Francisco is leading the way from a technology standpoint, providing a data-driven model for others to follow. After evaluating several cloud providers, the organization decided to build a centralized data warehouse on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), bringing together data from fitness centers, daycare and after-school programs, seasonal and weekend camps, swim lessons, and other activities for more informed decision-making. Working with Adswerve and Google Cloud has helped The YMCA of San Francisco save $2 million per year on total cost of ownership! Retail Business Services (RBS), the services company of Ahold Delhaize USA, was charged with finding a way to better visualize and access data. With pockets of information spread out across different systems, there was no way to provide local brands with a comprehensive look at business results or for them to see where improvements needed to be made. Working with Adswerve and Google Cloud, RBS and the marketing teams at Ahold Delhaize USA’s local brands have access to all-inclusive dashboards that include actionable reporting. With these changes in place, they are seeing an increased ROI for campaigns measured through Google Data Studio. Adswerve was also recognized with a Google Partner Platform Award for the work of the Analytics Pros team with the World Surf League (WSL) at this year’s Google Partner Summit. WSL, a media company that broadcasts surfing events via streaming live video to television partners and social media, worked with Adswerve to combine data from Analytics 360, Facebook and other sites into one view. By taking a truly data-driven approach, WSL more than doubled the efficiency of campaigns that drove fan engagement and content viewership, increased web/mobile sessions by 31 percent, improved speed of analytics up to 80 percent and reduced infrastructure costs by 70 percent. All of these great results and we are just getting started! To learn more about how to leverage Google Cloud in your marketing programs, read Forbes latest article featuring our work, titled “Tech And Data Are Turning The Ad Agency Business Upside Down Too, or check out our Google Cloud Platform services .