Upgrading Your Data With Google Cloud

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Currently, Google analytics 360 customers get to leverage DoubleClick data connections with Google Analytics and, inevitably, BigQuery. However, if you’re not using Google Analytics 360 but are still using DoubleClick there may be an option for you! While Google Analytics free edition doesn't offer a native connection, the Google Cloud team is rolling out a great new service: Data Transfer.     With the data transfer service, the data from sources such as DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick for Publishers, as well as others, can be sent directly to BigQuery. While GA Free doesn’t have a big query connection, it does have a reporting API, which can be used to populate BigQuery.     Knowing that we can get both data sets into BigQuery, we need to find a join key that allows us to connect the two sources. Luckily, both platforms have custom data capabilities. The DoubleClick floodlight has u objects…     which can be used for any number of data pieces and Google analytics has events as well as custom dimensions. What this allows us to do is easily send the same information to both sources. If you are using a tag management platform, this is even easier, fire both the floodlight and GA event on the same interaction and you’re well on your way.     The specific data you pass to each system may vary based on your needs but leveraging something like your User ID, or a transaction ID, will often give you the power to analyze these two data sets together.   Want to take this even further? Stream the same data directly to BigQuery ! The options here are limitless, and the outputs invaluable. You can take your marketing or publisher data to another level when in context of the rest of your site’s performance.