Custom Cohorts for Google Analytics 360 with BigQuery

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Google Analytics launched the Cohort Analysis reports in early 2015. This was an important addition, for the first time we had an easy way to visualize the retention rates for new users. The major limitation of this feature is that the only cohorts you can build are based on acquisition date. What if you want to track daily, weekly, and monthly usage of your blog or of a certain event, like watching a video? We have long wanted the ability to do this, so we decided to build it! If you are a Google Analytics 360 user and have the free BigQuery integration enabled you can use our tool!

Event & Page Cohorts using Google Analytics 360 & BigQuery

You can try it out at: Simply select your BigQuery GA360 dataset, a start/end date, a time interval, and choose whether you want an event or page based cohort. If you have any feedback or would like customizations for your business let us know at