Approaching Sales in the Ad Tech Space

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Our Vice President of Sales, JB Sugar, was recently interviewed for SalesTech Star about his 17 years in digital media sales, management strategies, challenges and more. When asked about the core tenets how he runs his team, JB answered, “Get everyone singing from the same hymnal while empowering them to run their own business, embrace their personal style and then ensure that they represent the AdSwerve brand. As a manager, my philosophy is that I always want to carry a bag — and want to be a part of the sales process.” His desire to align his team yet allow them to add their unique touches is fitting for us as we recently merged two companies – AdSwerve and Analytics Pros – into one. JB shared, “I joined AdSwerve right after the company acquired Analytics Pros and in that short time, have learned the power of bringing media buying and measurement expertise and cloud under one company.” He continued, “I hope to take what the two companies have to offer and ensure that existing clients fully understand and embrace the opportunities that exist across the Google Marketing Platform, Analytics and Cloud.” Read the full article to learn more about JB’s background, his go-to sales publications and webinars, and his advice to salespeople in the Ad Tech industry.