2024 Readiness: 10 Must-Reads in Media, Analytics and Data Science

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As the year draws to a close, we’ve compiled a must-read list of our top blogs, webinars and guides in the realms of media, analytics and data science. These up-to-date resources from 2023 are curated to empower your team for the year ahead. Remember to bookmark this page for quick reference and reach out if you need more information about any platforms and services.

Now, let’s explore some of the top areas that can set you up for success in 2024!



Blog_Display Media- The Synergy of CM360 and DV360

Display Media: The Synergy of CM360 and DV360
Discover how the combination of CM360 and DV360 enhances display campaign management, attribution and durable audience solutions.

Blog- Search- Paid Search Optimization Tips

Search: Paid Search Optimization Tips
Learn four innovative strategies to boost success and stretch your paid search budget further.

Connected TV- Elevating CTV with DV360

Connected TV: Elevating CTV with DV360
CTV is more important than ever. See how DV360 takes Connected TV and YouTube advertising to the next level.

GA4 Conversion Events Insights

GA4: GA4 Conversion Events Insights
Get a better understanding of GA4’s advanced conversion tracking and how it can be used set up lasting data-driven success.

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics- Migrating to Adobe CJA

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics: Migrating to Adobe CJA
Explore key observations around the journey and expectations of shifting to Adobe Customer Journey Analytics.




Media Trends Webinar- Navigating 2024 with Expert Insights

Media Trends Webinar: Navigating 2024 with Expert Insights
Gain expert insights on 2024 media trends and digital campaign planning in CM360, DV360, SA360 and Google Ads!

Search Ads 360 Guide- YourBlog- Guide to the New Search Ads 360 Experience

Search Ads 360 Guide: Your Guide to the New Search Ads 360 Experience
Take your search efforts to new heights with this comprehensive guide to navigating the enhanced Search Ads 360 experience.

Blog- Search + Social Webinar- A New Way To Unify Search + Social

Search + Social Webinar: A New Way To Unify Search + Social
Learn how to unify Search and Social by harnessing the power of the new SA360 and Adswerve’s UNIFIRE technology.

Blog- Google Analytics 4 Guide- Master the Basics of GA4

Google Analytics 4 Guide: Master the Basics of GA4
Master GA4’s top new features and gain valuable insights into best practices for implementation, integrations and more.

Blog-GA4 BigQuery Export- Guide to Attribution

GA4 BigQuery Export: Guide to Attribution
Discover how to continue using classic attribution models with the GA4 BigQuery export feature.



Stay tuned for our 2024 content line-up! Our thought leaders are already crafting new insights in media, analytics, data, and cloud. Visit our Adswerve Resources & Insights page for the latest updates and breakthroughs. Have questions? We’re here to help! Just contact us to schedule a chat!