On-Demand Webinar: Media Trends Hotline: Navigating 2024 with Expert Insights


Mary Kotara, Brittany Medina and Lauren Stone

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Looking for tips on how to do more with your media in 2024? Gain top insights from media and search consulting experts - Mary Kotara (Lead Media Consultant), Brittany Medina (Sr. Media Consultant) and Lauren Stone (Paid Search Consultant) - as they share their thoughts on 2024 media trends and top questions.

Watch Now to Discover Key Insights, Including:

  • Media Channel Priorities for 2024
  • Strategies for CM360, SA360, DV360 and Google Ads in 2024
  • Client and Industry trends
  • Data Privacy Tips & more! 


Additional Resources:
As mentioned during the webinar, more details on tracking U.S. state consumer data privacy legislation can be found at Husch Blackwell's 2023 State Privacy Law Tracker.

Media Trends Webinar- Navigating 2024 with Expert Insights

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