The 12 Days of Data: 3 French Fans (viewed in GA Real Time)

December 10, 2013

On the third day of data my true love gave to me . . . the excellent reminder to check in with GA Real Time.

2 Profile Settings
And an Unsampled GA Data Set

There are a variety of good applications for real time data. One of my favorites aspects is experiencing the very tangible connection with our customers. You can see which pages are being viewed, how many people are on your site at that very moment, and where those people are located.

In a world where we are increasingly separated from our users by screens and distance, this momentary check-in can be an important reminder that you aren’t serving pageviews or sessions – you are serving people.

Use that connection to ask some questions. Let’s imagine for a moment that you load real time and find that there are three users currently on your site in France (see what we did there? Three French Fans. You’re welcome).

  • If you have a French version of your site, are they using it? If so, how is it performing? If not, will they encounter engagement obstacles?
  • If you have a cart and they are in it, will they have any problems with payment or shipping?
  • Do usage patterns of users outside of your home country differ from those inside?
  • What time is it in France anyway? Can website usage help drive insights into the hours your customer service team should be available? Or when your social and email teams should be scheduling?

Those three French fans may not make up a large portion of your traffic or be a huge drop in the revenue bucket – but they can often be a great opportunity to consider your customers as more than just data points.