Success Requires an Advocate

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Success in Digital Analytics requires an internal advocate. In my time at Analytics Pros I’ve seen a number of different types of engagements. If there is one factor that I can consistently point to, for what makes a project successful, that's gone the best it’s whether or not there was an internal advocate. This internal advocate was often the only difference between change and growth—or more—of the status quo. It’s not enough to have someone running point in a “tag, you’re it!” kind of way. That person needs to be:
  • Passionate about the field.
    • This person doesn’t necessarily need to be technical in nature, but they do need to be a believer about the power of analytics and what it could be doing for their company.
  • Proactive and resourceful.
    • Someone who knows how to navigate the intricacies of the company they work for, and who isn’t easily deterred by obstacles. Bumps are going to happen along the way…getting ahead of them is ideal but not always possible. When they come, you’ll need someone who’s not inclined to just sit on their hands.
  • Empowered.
    • None of this matters if they aren’t given some kind of mandate to run with this. Do they have resources to pull from? Do they have some space to run with it? If this is newly charted territory for your company, it may look a little different than other initiatives to begin, as well it should.
  • A patient futurist.
    • Having a vision for the future or ideal state and the patience to make the steps to get there, which can take time. This is true not only of specific projects now but of the tools in general. Having a dream for what could be is important, but rooted in the persistence to get things done now with what is currently possible.
If your company is considering making a real investment into this space, this should be one of the questions you're asking…do you have that person? I might venture to say, the fact you’re even asking that question and are reading about it on an blog from an analytics company might make you as likely a candidate as anyone. Tag. You’re it.