Simplify Your Open Auction Inventory Targeting with Google Auction Packages

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Google recently made auction packages available in the Display & Video 360 Authorized Buyers UI. The packages are an easy way to boost performance by targeting premium Authorized Buyers (Adx) Open Auction inventory across multiple publishers using a simple deal ID. Buyers can now bundle inventory to share across multiple buyers, spanning demand-side platforms (DSP). They also allow targeting using several criteria including some Real-Time Bidding (RTB) signals that may not have been integrated by DSPs.  

Sample Auction Packages

There are some pre-curated seasonal auction packages available, such as the Sports Auction Package, which targets sports, games and fitness verticals to help you reach fans and fanatics. Or the Back-to-School Auction Package, targeting verticals like computers & electronics, books & literature, jobs & education, etc. There’s even a Video Completion Rate Auction package, which lets advertisers position their assets around video content with a completion rate of 70% or more.

How to Get Started

Many of you may see auction packages in your accounts, which means we’ve activated them on your behalf. If you’re interested in learning more or finding out how we’re leveraging the new packages on your behalf, please contact your account executive or email