Quick Resources on Goals in Google Analytics

April 10, 2012

I get a lot of questions about Goals in Google Analytics and find myself sending basically the same email to people on a regular basis, providing links to some useful resources on setting up and using Goals in Google Analytics.  So, what better that to save some electrons and put that email into a blog post here.

While I could literally write a book about Goals in Google Analytics (actually, I did just that), for the sake of brevity in this post I’m going to point you to some greta learning resources for Goals, and Google Analytics in general… here you go!


Avinash Posts on Goals

Avinash has written two blog posts on Goals that I am constantly sending people to:

  1. Excellent Analytics Tip #13: Measure Macro AND Micro Conversions
  2. Excellent Analytics Tips #19: Identify Website Goal [Economic] Values

KissMetrics Blog on Goals

These guys write some great stuff about Google Analytics, and they make a competing product!  Or, maybe not competing, just complementary.  This is a recent post that I think provides a great perspective on goals:


Google Analytics Training Videos

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification training videos provide a superb overview of Google Analytics, including Goals.  Watch this specific presentation for the good stuff.