Analytics Everywhere: an Open-Source Google Analytics Python Library

September 19, 2013

You may have heard about the wonderful things we (and Google) anticipate with Universal Analytics. You may have heard that people are testing it on their websites already, or relying on it exclusively. You may be doing so already.

Today, however,  you’re one step closer to tracking your customer engagement in completely new and more comprehensive ways.

Extend your Business’ Engagement Horizon

The possibilities and benefits for Universal Analytics are vast.  A few of the applications for organizations fully adopting the potential uses of Universal Analytics include:

  • Integration with call-center systems, enabling reporting of customer website, app, and call center interactions within Google Analytics
  • Accurate e-commerce reporting – rather than relying on frail client-side reporting, send data about transactions and item purchases from the back-end of your commerce systems when transactions are fully processed
  • CRM integration – push data into Google Analytics when customer records are updated, creating a clear, comprehensive view of the customer lifecycle
  • Subscription revenue measurement: one of the most challenging realities for digital measurement – solved with Universal Analytics – send recurring revenue data to Google Analytics and see a true, and growing view of customer lifetime and campaign value

These are just some common examples; your business likely has its own, unique combination of off-line and out-of-band tracking needs. They’re totally trackable.

Python for Universal Google Analytics

Today Analytics Pros is announcing the release of its Universal Analytics for Python on, well, anything that runs Python.

That can be your web server (not your site, but the back-end hosting systems), your ERP, your transaction processing system or subscription handling software, your VOIP phone systems, sensors on your front door, or even your coffee pot.

Our Python library is an implementation of the tracking logic embodied in Google’s Javascript library and mobile packages; we’ve just added a prettier face for integrating it on your Python applications. The code is released under the BSD license, so please feel free to play with it, and let us know what fun and interesting ways you apply it. We welcome feedback and contributions to the code, of course.

Get the Code

Environment Repository

We’ll be releasing more libraries soon for the same Measurement Protocol on other platforms. Please feel free to let us know if there are any particular platforms you’re interested in.