On Being a Data-First Company in an Evolving Marketing Landscape

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Adswerve CEO Clint Tasset was recently interviewed by MarTech about all things Adswerve — our beginnings, growth, approach to media and analytics and more. During the in-depth conversation, Clint also discussed industry trends, the importance of understanding big data analytics and related intelligence, the evolution of marketing analytics tools and the changing role of marketers: “While traditionally Big Data Analytics made it possible to summarize the behaviors of large groups of people using a macroscopic perspective, today’s tools (i.e. Machine Learning) allow decision making to be done on a more personal level, with microscopic granularity. In short, the analytical role of the marketer is transitioning from finding users in behavioral data to being able to describe — and cater — to users who define themselves by their own behaviors. The article is a must-read for marketers who are pondering how they can acclimate to the ever-changing paradigm of customer intelligence and user analytics... or who simply want to learn more about Adswerve’s point of view on issues facing them today. Come for the marketing talk, stick around to learn about our toga-wearing mascot. If you’re interested in digging deeper into our media and analytics capabilities, reach out - we’d love to share more. In the meantime, read the full MarTech Series interview and share your thoughts in the comments.