New Google Analytics Features: Intelligence & More

October 21, 2009

On Tuesday afternoon at the eMetrics Summit in Washington DC, Google announced some exciting new features for the Google Analytics product.

These features include:

  • Intelligence. An algorithmically-driven tool that finds the important “needles” in the “haystack” of analytics data and points them out to you automatically.  You can also create custom alerts based on any criteria and have it send you an email when the alert is triggered.
  • More goals – 20 goals in fact!  Plus, goals can now be engagement-based (time on site, pages visited) or interaction based.
  • Enhanced custom segments – different than the in-tool advanced segments.  Think of these like Omniture e.vars and s.props, but they’re virtually unlimited in number.  You can set custom variables that are pageview, session, or visitor-based.
  • Advanced Table Filtering will allow you to limit table data based not only on the contents of the main row, but also on metrics – for example, only show keywords containing your brand name where the number of visits was greater than 10.
  • Expanded mobile reporting. This includes code libraries for PHP, .Net, JSP, and Perl.
  • Unique visitors can now be reported in Custom reports for things like content, traffic sources, etc…

You can read more about these features at the official Google Analytics blog.

If you’d like a demonstration of any of these new features and how they can be leveraged to provide greater analytics value simply contact us!