More Dimensions (Site Search, Source/Medium) + Fixes in Dimensionator

January 19, 2010

I’m excited to announce some updates and additions for the Dimensionator feature of our Analytics Toolbar(let) application. Today we’ve released an update that adds several additional dimensions to the Dimensionator menu, a couople of bug fixes, and some back-end enhancements that should improve load times. Get the bookmarklet to access the Analytics Pros Toolbar and Dimensionator here! Read on for more information about these updates.

New Dimensions Added

We’ve added the following dimensions to the Dimensionator menu:

  • Source/Medium
  • Internal Site Search Visitor
  • Internal Site Search Category
  • Internal Site Search Keyword
  • Internal Site Search Keyword Refinement

The Site Search dimensions are available normally only within the Site Search reporting section. However, I’ve found having access to the Site Search and Source/Medium dimensions ubiquitously within the Google Analytics reporting interface is helpful with things such as comparing inbound search traffic with site search traffic from within the Traffic Sources reporting section.



internal site search keywords pivot by internal site search

internal site search keywords pivot by internal site search


Install Dimensionator

Updates and Bug Fixes

We included fixes to a few bugs and performance improvements in this release:

  • Fix for Dimensionator menu being hidden underneath the Map Overlay on the Geographic reports
  • Fix for bug that caused the normal Dimensions menu in GA to become inaccessible after Dimensionator was activated.
  • Improved some back-end caching in our platform for faster activation of the Dimensionator menu


  • On the Map Overlay report, the map is redrawn when the menu is displayed, so that the menu is shown above it
  • On all pages (as far as I can tell) the menu no longer breaks the drop-downs, so the standard interface should continue to work after our menu has been used.