Live Blog from the 2014 Google Analytics Summit

May 28, 2014

This is a LIVE BLOG from the 2014 Google Analytics Summit – you can follow all past and present posts about Google Analytics Summits on our GA Summit specific page.

Live Updates from the Google Analytics Summit 2014 in San Francisco

The Google Analytics Summit is an annual event for Google Analytics Certified Partners and Google Analytics Premium customers.  This year we’ll be live-blogging from the GA summit once again.  As with past summits, we’ll provide real-time updates and announcements from what’s shared – at least what’s available for public sharing.

Stay Tuned!

Opening Announcements

The opening announcements were provided by Google’s Justin Cutroni.  Sounds like we’ll have an exciting couple of days ahead of us but most of the information shared will remain closed from public view.

Opening Keynote – Paul Muret

Paul’s keynote is covering vision for the platform – inspirational about agility and change.

Product Updates – Babak Pahlavan

Product updates coming from Babak, the Director of Product Management for Google Analytics.  These updates are confidential – if items that can be announced publicly are provided, we’ll update them here!  There are going to be 14 product announcements.

The announcements that are public are posted on Official Google Analytics blog!


Cookies, coffee, candy!

Heading into Breakouts…

The day is splitting into breakouts