Being a Millennial Analyst at Analytics Pros

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While working remotely, I found myself eavesdropping on two women enjoying their late lunch at a local organic cafe and garden. I overheard phrases like 'lazy millennials' and 'ungrateful takers' and, naturally, my curiosity sparked. I paused my headphones and leaned in a bit closer to hear the full story. I was disappointed with the conversation when I listened closer, and don't get me wrong, I have heard similar musings about millennials before, but assumed it was not the 'universal' perception. While listening, it occurred to me that there is a very disheartening rhetoric surrounding what I consider to be the most hard-working generation yet, which has recently been proven to me time-and-time again. I recall this moment for a few reasons but the most important is the purpose of this post: going after a Digital Analyst position at Analytics Pros. Let me explain. I am not shy of hard work, long hours, early mornings (which I recently heard is 'modern day torture'), and overbooking myself with obligations - it's what I do best, I thrive on the pressure. So I've often put myself in positions to be overly-challenged; such as starting my career at a Fortune 500 Digital Agency right out of the gates or switching to explore a new field, Medical Device Sales and Territory Management. I truly am not afraid of a challenge. When I realized that my previous Project Management position was not fulfilling me in my typical 'let's get challenged' way, I knew that I needed to make a change. I reached out to my old colleague and mentor, Justin Goodman, who offered to grab lunch to discuss what it would be like working on his team at Analytics Pros, as a remote employee. And just like that, I had finally found the challenge I was looking for, so I began the process of applying for a new, challenging job and leap of faith into data. The interview process was lengthy, which I appreciated because often the process seems very informal and non-personal, but this was different and I valued getting to meet 40% of the company before getting hired. Now that I am a member of the Analytics Team, I am able to ultimately determine that I am finally working with 'my people' - people who are interested in challenging and bettering themselves. These millennials, contrary to the universal perception, are some of the most hard-working, dedicated, meticulous, and smart people I have ever had the privilege of working with. While the entire team is not made up of millennials (sorry leadership, I love you, too), the day-to-day driving and grinding by my colleagues for clients' requests is truly a daily motivator in itself. Analytics Pros is quickly becoming the leader in my personal short-list of 'best places to work.' I would go as far to say, "Move over Google, Analytics Pros is taking over the top 'best places to work' spot!" Aside from the exciting daily client challenges, I find myself driven more by my coworkers and their expertise, wit, and grit. It is rare to work as a remote employee and feel so incredibly motivated by the sheer knowledge that your team has—I am continually working to learn new things and take out-of-the-box challenges in order to fit in. I feel supported by my team and the open management style so that I am 'heard' and helped when I need it. As a remote employee, I do miss out on many of the in-office perks; like a full-stocked fridge, foosball mid-day breaks, or a walk down the beautiful Ballard Ave, however, when I do visit, I cherish the time. Pictured below: Ballard Ave at 6am. Ballard Ave_Morning Image These millennials, with the help of our experienced and lovely leadership, will take over the world one piece of data at a time. Look out world, here we come to dominate!