In-Housing: Why It’s Really an Opportunity — Not a Threat

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In-housing is a huge buzzword right now, and the trend is leading to some unrest in the advertising industry. Our Chief Operating Officer, Matt Fiskness, wrote an article for Podium about the phenomenon, why it’s happening and what it means for agencies. The article titled “In-Housing, in Fact, Isn’t” explores:
  • How the need for data transparency is driving the push for in-housing
  • The budgetary and practical challenges brands face when taking on all marketing functions
  • Why in-housing isn’t a threat, but instead, an opportunity
Fiskness describes the ways in which the agency-brand relationship is advantageous and how agencies need to evolve to stay relevant in today’s marketing and advertising industry landscape. It’s a must-read for both agencies and brands. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments. Read “In-Housing, in Fact, Isn’t” on Podium