Future-Proof Your Media Strategy: How Activating First-Party Data with LiveRamp Can Help

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The one constant in our industry is change. Today, that change is focused on increased user privacy, which is taking shape in the form of platform updates as well as governmental regulation. Browsers are phasing out third-party cookies and mobile operating systems are changing the use of device identifiers. In fact, last week Google confirmed that once Chrome phases out third-party cookies in 2022, Google will not build alternate identifiers to track consumers as they browse the web, or use them in its products. Meanwhile, Big Tech continues to be under the microscope with the assumption being that increased privacy legislation will be passed beyond what is already in place today (GDPR & CCPA).

While the dust settles on how these changes will impact day-to-day media buying, one thing marketers and agencies can begin to think about is future-proofing their media strategy. In that light, it is clear that first-party data is more valuable than ever. However, simply having first-party data isn’t valuable without the ability to activate against it. 

LiveRamp’s unique identifier enables marketers and agencies to connect the hundreds of different identifiers for consumers that are used across devices, marketing platforms and in their own internal systems to a real person in a privacy-centric manner.

The most common use cases for first-party data activation through LiveRamp’s identifier include:

  • Digitally Activating Offline Audiences: Activate offline customer records to target them through digital channels and increase ROAS
  • Audience Suppression: Distribute audience segments to digital channels to suppress customers from campaigns
  • Look-Alike Modeling: Expand audience and reach by targeting prospects similar to your best customers
  • People-Based Search: Achieve higher match rates when you target existing customers or prospects via Google Shopping, YouTube, Google AdWords and Bing
  • Omnichannel Marketing: Reach the same user across multiple channels to optimize reach and frequency and deliver consistent messaging
  • Personalization: Personalize messaging, creative and offers across channels to increase conversions by having LiveRamp distribute anonymized data to partners. 

LiveRamp's identifier offers an alternative to any current or anticipated platform changes introduced by the walled gardens and device manufacturers. As a neutral, interoperable, third-party, LiveRamp has also been quick to integrate with measurement platforms for advanced analysis. For example, the ability to use LiveRamp IdentityLink IDs as a join key in Google’s Ads Data Hub is currently in beta.

Change is inevitable but by using LiveRamp's identifier, marketers can feel confident that they are harnessing the full potential of their first-party data today and are set up for future privacy regulations and restrictions.

Considering LiveRamp? Contact us to learn more! We can help you activate these audiences, pushing them to any of the hundreds of available destinations LiveRamp partners with, including Google’s Display & Video 360.