Enterprise Analytics on the Google Cloud Platform

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Are you ready to move your data to the cloud?

Determining when it's time to migrate your data to the cloud requires some nuance. One objective for this article will be to put some of that nuance into perspective. First, take a hard look at your own business and give yourself a score on two measures:
  1. Rank your Data Capabilities. Using a 0–100 scale, where would you be? Zero means your team has no access to data; while 100 means that machines have machines that make all the decisions for other…machines!
  2. Rank your Trust in Data. Zero means executives laugh when you mention digital measurement; while 100 would be a data-driven-decision-making utopia.
What were your scores? What do you want your score to be three years from now? What are the biggest obstacles in the way? We believe that many of the obstacles you experience could be alleviated or removed altogether when you consider Google Cloud Platform for enterprise analytics. The barrier to entry is extremely low, thus allowing for a crawl-walk-run strategy that's much easier for decision makers to support.  

Data Capabilities and Improving Cultural Trust:

If you feel you scored low on the capabilities scale don't worry because you're not alone! While you might not be ready for advanced machine learning projects…there are very achievable steps you can take to get you to your data-driven-utopia! To quickly improve capabilities we want to focus on data collection. We view data collection as the by-product of a well-executed measurement plan. This comprehensive plan delivers the insights to your stakeholders allowing them to make better decisions. A Data Driven Utopia!  

Advancing your data capabilities while improving organization trust in the data

  Untrustworthy data will quickly erode efforts toward a data-driven culture. A thoughtful measurement plan ensures data collection addresses the various stakeholder needs and can deliver insights using that data. The cycle repeats from insights back to planning and all over again. This incremental progress improves trust and incubates a data-driven culture. When you've reached an equilibrium between trust in your data and its capabilities, then we're able to move along the above diagram, toward advanced data solutions. The Google Cloud Platform is an ideal candidate to host this advanced data analytics framework.  


GCP provides an infrastructure that can intervene on real time digital experiences, or provide amazing utility to your campaign activations by giving marketers and advertisers new audience and targeting lists. Data science and advanced analytics were previously pay-walled by massive infrastructure investment; GCP inverts this paradigm and makes access to this hardware easier than ever. We will take a detailed look at an analytics framework hosted on the Google Cloud Platform in the next article.  If you'd like help designing and implementing a measurement plan that meets the needs for all stakeholders then please reach out to us! We'd love to take a look at your problems and talk through data solutions. Tweet us at @analyticspros or email at gethelp@analyticspros.com