Disruption Rules: Ad Agency Mergers and Acquisitions Are on the Rise

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Technology and data are driving major changes across nearly every industry and vertical. Advertising agencies are no exception. In fact, they’re consolidating quickly — both folding into large corporate consultancies or, like us, taking a completely different approach by merging two powerhouse companies together to offer a more complete package of media and analytics services. In the Forbes article, “ Tech And Data Are Turning The Ad Agency Business Upside Down Too, ” contributor David Bloom outlines some of the key mergers and acquisitions that are helping companies keep pace with — or stay ahead of — increased data access and analytics demands.   Adswerve, which acquired Seattle-based Analytics Pros, is featured heavily in the article. Bloom outlines ways we’ve helped brands take control of their full marketing stacks to find success. Craig Rosenberg, co-founder & Chief Analyst of Topo , states, “Adswerve's value proposition coincides with the tech-consolidation theme and one of the vital aspects it helps solve is consistency around metrics and analytics. The broader story of getting more from one agency or vendor applies too, such as the reasoning for marketing clouds.” Read the full story for more about the current consolidation trends and see what our Chief of Cloud Alan Rosen and Data Scientist Luka Cempre said about how we’re helping major brands like YMCA and World Surf League find greater success by leveraging sophisticated data, reporting and analytics solutions for their media programs. As Bloom puts it, “For all the industry-wide turmoil and change, the future of data-driven marketing is hugely promising.”