Analytics Framework on the Google Cloud Platform

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Unify your disparate data warehouses using a global, auto-scaling, serverless infrastructure hosted and maintained by Google Engineers Building an analytics framework from scratch is difficult without the cloud. With the cloud, though, we're able to build a system tailored to your needs and we do this at fractions of the cost of traditional tools in the market. These tools contain features and pricing that provide no value to your brand, and on-premise systems tend to carry baggage like licensing, administration and maintenance costs. On behalf of hundreds of clients, we've been looking for a better solution for quite some time and have found it in the Google Cloud Platform.

Get more value out of your spend using Google Cloud Platform

Consider the layers of red tape that prevent your team from accessing the data you need for new initiatives and projects. These days, reliable and accountable decision making dominate business culture. While that seems like a compliment, there is a dark side to this data-driven culture! In the age of data you must prove your ROI to justify your budget. That requirement makes it difficult to invest in research and experimentation. The odds seem stacked against you but new cloud-based tools could make this the solution you've been looking for! Having a pay-to-use model allows you start with a crawl and prove demonstrable value back to the business, thus allowing you to justify more spend in the program. Enabling crawl-walk-run roadmaps for your initiatives and speeding your ability to use data to return value to the business.

Data Analytics Warehouse using Google BigQuery

Using BigQuery on the Google Cloud Platform, we're able to store and analyze data at the petascale. Moving data into the system is completely free and there are two expenses after that: storage @ $0.01/GB for data over 90 days old ($0.02/GB < 90 days) and analysis @ $5/terabyte. For those teams with smaller projects, you'll be interested to learn that the first 10 GB of storage and 5 terabytes of analysis per month are free, so let's get started! The next trick is moving your data into the cloud platform. Our engineers are experienced with this, having over 100 clients on the enterprise Google Analytics 360 suite. Using tools like Dataflow , or even more disruptive, Cloud Dataprep , we're able to orchestrate the extraction, transformation, and loading using a serverless architecture. This serverless architecture means that interfaces and API control everything, allowing for automation and ease of use. To maximize your analytical potential in the data, you need to warehouse it intelligently, free from error, and well documented. Engineers and analysts within your organization can then easily process the data using their preferred analysis tools. Forcing a particular tool is the wrong approach for many organizations because their own teams don't have consistency themselves. You can try to swim upstream or you can enable flexibility in the platform to accept many inputs and be able to route data to many outputs. We chose to swim downstream, it's much faster! If you have global customers, then you're familiar with needing to keep data geographically near your users. Having to pull a Tableau dashboard in Mumbai from servers in San Francisco is never enjoyable. Using the globally distributed Google Cloud Network we are able to move and replicate data to meet your users where they are. This saves time and improves the adoption and overall satisfaction that your users have for your products and team. Finally, global business means global regulations and compliance standards. Google has developed standards and obtained certificates from numerous compliance and regulatory agencies, and they continuously expand their legal framework to support your changing business needs. You can rely on their team to keep up with the latest security threats as well.


The Google Cloud Platform, more specifically, BigQuery, gives us an incredible ability to take big ideas (using big data!) and turn them into reality. The low cost of the cloud gives us an option to fund projects that would have otherwise been delayed due to conflicting infrastructure priorities. Having little to no administrative functions means that your teams get to focus on  making the business successful and not on learning yet another platform or tool. Let Analytics Pros assess and audit your data to give you a sense of the scope it would take to begin a data analytics warehouse using Google BigQuery in your organization. Our data scientists, engineers and analysts will help you isolate the signal in the noise, and amplify your data outcomes in the form of improved insights and data capabilities! I think you'll be amazed at how easy (and inexpensive!) it is to get started. Tweet us at @analyticspros or email at