Adswerve Earns Google Cloud Marketing Analytics Specialization

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We’re excited to share that we achieved the Marketing Analytics Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Program, making us one of the only Premier Google Cloud and Google Marketing Platform Partners with specializations in both Data Analytics and Marketing Analytics. Our CEO Clint Tasset said, “This specialization demonstrates our dedication to bridging media and analytics, helping our brand and agency clients be successful marketers with insights that power transparency and agility and ultimately deliver solid results.”  

Success Spotlight: Twiddy & Company

We’ve helped clients harness the power of the Google Cloud to access and analyze data for improved marketing campaign success. One such Adswerve customer, Twiddy and Company, has been offering classic southern hospitality on North Carolina’s Outer Banks since 1978. After more than 40 years in business, Twiddy was ready to take a deeper look into their bookings and data to grow its business. "We've always been collecting this data, but it's been locked away," says Shelley Tolbert, Marketing Manager at Twiddy & Company. "Pulling insights would be a great way to use the data, but we needed to figure out an approach that made sense for us." For Twiddy, any customer engagement on its site comes with countless data points. However, upon integrating with Google Cloud Platform, Adswerve, helped them establish a powerful platform that connected these data points and turned them into actionable insights to drive future growth.  Taking a data-first approach, Twiddy saw a 36 percent YOY increase in transactions and site browsing session length, coupled with a conversion rate boost of 76 percent and 31 percent higher revenues within campaigns. Twiddy also saw a 200 percent increase in close-rate. "The benefits we've seen are directly attributable to Google Cloud and Adswerve," said Ross Twiddy, Chief Executive Officer of Twiddy and Company. "We're not in the server or cloud computing business. We're in the hospitality business, and Google Cloud allows us to focus on doing what we know best: provide stellar southern hospitality." Learn more about our Cloud consulting services