Adding Clarity to Day Of Week Reports

June 7, 2013

If you’ll indulge me for a moment, I’d like to let my inner-analytics-geek out for some fresh air. And I think this is the appropriate forum for it.

If you look at your weekly Google Analytics traffic, you’ll see something like this:


To pinpoint a specific day, you will have to know which week and then mouse over until you can find Monday, Tuesday, etc. It helps to know that a Google Analytics week ALWAYS starts on a Sunday, although that can be an issue internationally where calendar weeks start on Mondays.

Wait, What Day Is It?

Imagine one morning your boss comes up to you and says “For the past year, what day of the week do we have the most visits?” If you only use standard reports, you would be at a loss. Being the analytics ninja that you are, you know that you can create a Day of the Week dashboard.


Congratulations, 2 is the big winner! Wait, 2? That must be Monday, if the week starts on Sunday. Hold on, what day is 0? Monday feels like a 0 most weeks, but that can’t be right.

This is even more confusing for your boss or anyone else that may view your reports.

So here it is, behold my inner geek as I celebrate that GA has stealthily launched a dimension for “Day of week name,” which does exactly what it says.


My family and friends don’t understand, but you, my fellow analysts, you will understand. It’s been a long-outstanding issue that seems minor, but makes a HUGE difference to analysts trying to provide clear data. In the dimension column, it produces the day of the week name instead of 0-6 code used.


So the report we see above turns into this:


We now know that last week, Tuesday was the most popular day of the week for visits. Now, I do realize that we still have a minor problem, and that is that there is no way for the days to sort Sunday through Saturday. But I will take what I can get for now.

If you have a dashboard or custom report now that you use day of week reports, be sure to go back and update them so they are more readable now. And regardless of what the reports say, Friday is always the most popular day of the week, so happy Friday my friends.