Access Custom Variables as Dimensions on any report

April 20, 2010

Note: Dimensionator is phasing out as it doesn’t work with the “new” version of Google Analytics.  IF you love Dimensionator and want to see it re-incarnated, let us know on Twitter!

For access to DMA data read our new(er) post on DMA in Google Analytics.

Get Custom Variables in any Report via Dimensionator

The advent of Custom Variables in Google Analytics is a big step forward for the platform. Custom Variables afford a new level of capability and flexibility for Google Analytics. The best way I know of to explain this capability is that Custom Variables are a means of creating “meta data” – data about data. Custom Variables are a way to describe additional information about a page, a session, or a visitor. However, accessing Custom Variable data is a challenge – either you must view the Custom Variables report, or create a Custom Report… until now! With today’s update to Dimensionator, we’ve added links to activate all five Custom Variable Keys and Values in any report that can handle cross-Dimension analysis of data.

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Using Dimensionator to access Custom Variables

Simply activate the Analytics Pros Toolbar bookmarklet on any report that has the “Dimension” analysis menu. Once activated, you’ll now see Custom Variables in the Dimensions lists for primary, seconday, and pivot menus. Here’s a screenshot:

Dimensionator  updates April 20th added Custom Variables

How can you use Custom Variable Dimensions?

Here’s a quick example of a Pivot Table report showing Market Area (DMA), a Custom Variable Value, and Custom Variable Keys. This report shows us the number of visits that have submitted a booking inquiry by DMA in one screen.

DMA with Custom Var Key and Value

So, What’s the Wait? If you don’t have Dimensionator yet, get it now! If you have it already, give Custom Variable Dimensions a spin and tell us what you think. Don’t have any Custom Variables setup for your Google Analytics implementation? Our consulting team is always ready to help – just contact us.