5 Visual Google Ad Formats Every Marketer Should Check Out

September 4, 2019

Visual experiences and shoppable ads are becoming a big interest and pose an exciting opportunity for marketers across digital platforms. Media Nexis recently caught up with Adswerve’s Brent Ramos for an article that looks at the latest visual ad formats offered by Google.

The article titled “5 Visual Google Ad Formats Every Marketer Should Check Out” explores:

  • Shoppable Ads: Ads that appear in Google Images and give shoppers the ability to hover over any sponsored ad for more information, including the items for sale, prices and the brand
  • Showcase Shopping Ads: Show relevant products together with lifestyle images that you choose to represent your brand or business across search results, the feed on Discover and YouTube
  • Google Lens: Real-time, real-world search using the lens of a smartphone, presenting interesting new ways for brands to be discovered
  • Gallery Ads: Swappable, image-based ads that allow you to showcase your products or services using a carousel of images on top of the search results page 
  • Discovery Ads: Allow brands to reach people across Google properties (homepage, YouTube and Gmail) and are based on user intent

Ramos believes, “We are seeing the intersection of search, native, display, and shopping start to align in a unified channel. The formats are increasingly visual, mobile, and steeped in the immersive horizon with emerging tech, like AR. E-commerce then becomes an experience that is full-funnel, yet within a single channel, taking on an Amazon-esque attack from the full spectrum.”

Take a look and learn how these ad formats can make a difference in your campaigns.