4 Google Display & Video 360 Strategies for Reaching Audiences During COVID-19 Shutdowns


Mary Kotara

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Media buying doesn’t rest; it’s an ever-shifting field, even during the most difficult of times. Our post, COVID-19 Trends and Digital Implications for Programmatic Buyers ,” shares details about today’s climate. To ensure your budget is being used efficiently during this period of uncertainty, check out this video with DV360 tips from Adswerve’s Programmatic Media Consultant, Mary Kotara.   [embed]https://youtu.be/lsNv5A1O3aU[/embed]   Here’s a handy guide that outlines some of the approaches found in the video:  Leverage auction packages including the below topics:
    • Cooking & Recipes
    • Shopping
    • Crafts
    • Home Furnishings. Ex: Wayfair.com
    • Fitness Instruction & Personal Training
    • Humor
    • Visual Art & Design
    • Puzzles & Brain Teasers
    • Primary & Secondary Schooling (K-12)
    • Food & Grocery Delivery
Keywords and Content Categories for these topics would also be relevant Try tailored options :
    • Contextual for In-Home Food Delivery and At Home Activities
    • Audiences for Food Delivery Apps, Online Shoppers of Pharmacy and Retail, Fitness Enthusiasts, and Parents
If you’re interested in Contextual, please reach out to our team directly and we’ll work with our partner, Oracle, to ensure you get the audiences you need. Seek out curated deals for CTV, audio and/or newsletters:
    • LiveIntent for Newsletters as people are shopping more and B2B conferences are canceled
    • Spotify audio. We have ROS deals but can create deals genres and playlists for working out, meditation/calming tunes and others
    • Many CTV deals are easily accessible in the Marketplace
    • Match Media Group for those singles who are alone at home and looking to connect
    • Zynga for games people are playing while bored
Make sure to include YouTube: There are a lot of eyeballs looking for video content to focus on so make sure your creatives are capturing them. Note that with higher demand, you may see higher pricing for these placements. We’ll continue to share tips as we navigate the unknown together. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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