Reducing Adobe Analytics Implementation Time by 75% With the Google Data Layer Extension


A prominent tile and stone retailer recently sought to expand and strengthen its analytics program by combining its longstanding Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager solutions with Adobe Analytics. Also, given the late 2023 deprecation of Google Optimize, the retailer wanted to onboard Adobe Target and take advantage of its testing and personalization capabilities.
Both the upcoming holiday season and the looming deprecation dictated the need for a fast implementation. However, the team didn’t have the internal resources to devote to the transition nor the time to rebuild its site tagging from scratch. They needed a trusted partner to not just implement Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, but to align their Adobe and Google platforms and set a data foundation to get the most out of both solutions, so the retailer turned to Adswerve.
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After uncovering the retailer’s needs, Adswerve developed a custom implementation roadmap aligned with their timeline and tech requirements. Considering the need for a quick implementation, our experts recommended leveraging Adobe’s Google Data Layer Extension to help bridge the gap between Google and Adobe solutions. It allows the retailer to use its existing Google UTM campaign parameters and easily feed them into Adobe Analytics so they can run side by side. 
By taking advantage of the existing Google Analytics data foundation, we didn’t need to rebuild the retailer’s tagging and tracking infrastructure when implementing Adobe solutions, slashing months of development time. They could continue using their legacy data and existing framework to inform media buys while expanding their enterprise e-commerce capabilities in Adobe Analytics and optimizing personalization with Adobe Target.

Beyond implementation, we helped set a foundation for success for the team. Leveraging their newly expanded analytics capabilities, we established a reporting framework that surfaced key metrics quickly. Our experts also developed a custom training curriculum for the retailer and worked closely with their team to ensure they could successfully take ownership of their robust new analytics infrastructure.
"Using Adobe and Google platforms together unlocks the most advanced analytics capabilities. And the Google Data Layer Extension makes it easier - and faster - to seamlessly integrate the two systems. It's a game-changer for analytics professionals looking to develop a best-in-class analytics stack."
Charles Farina Head of Innovation Adswerve


Using the Google Data Layer Extension drastically reduced the complexity of adopting Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, slashing implementation time and costs by 75% and 50%, respectively.  We completed a seamless migration in less than five months, with data flowing into Adobe Analytics in just two weeks to see almost immediate value from their investment. 
Now, the retailer has a data framework that allows Google and Adobe products to run optimally side by side, providing a solid foundation they can build on in the future to unlock even deeper customer intelligence with solutions like Adobe Real-time CDP and Customer Journey Analytics.
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