Using Managed Services to Increase Relative Lift by 20%


Solve client Andersen Windows & Doors wanted to drive awareness among contractors and other window-buying professionals for its 400 Series windows, and build credibility for the product line. While the B2B campaign didn’t have traditional conversion-based KPIs, Solve conducted an external brand lift study to determine its impact.


Solve tapped Adswerve’s Managed Media Services to help negotiate private marketplace deals, structure campaigns in Campaign Manager 360 and Display & Video 360 for optimal performance, implement rigorous targeting for pinpointing the hard-to-find audience and optimize against a campaign without a direct conversion.

We managed vendor relationships, handling all communications and providing Solve with custom reporting based on KPIs. We also updated dashboards to include geos and worked with Solve to provide performance insights, discuss pacing, give campaign updates and more.


Collaborating with Adswerve saved Solve two to six hours of media management time each week and the Display & Video 360 TrueView campaign the teams implemented improved the relative lift metric for Andersen Windows & Doors by 20%.

Additionally, our Google partnership allowed the team to identify additional cost savings based on inventory and gave Solve access to a beta for programmatic guarantee deals with Hulu.
"Adswerve provided immense help to our Connection Strategy Group on behalf of our client Andersen Windows. Their adeptness and knowledge of the programmatic landscape allowed our agency to spend more time and energy on the client’s key strategic challenges."
Neil James Associate Director of Connection Strategy Solve
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