Smarter Bidding, Better Results: Improving Conversions by 108% in Six Weeks


Adswerve client Ovative Group is the agency of record for online meat delivery service Crowd Cow. Tasked with managing Crowd Cow’s paid search and shopping campaigns, Ovative needed to generate new customer orders with a CPA lower than their average. 

Ovative knew email registrations were a valuable component of driving new customer acquisition and it wanted to try using new weighted formulas, taking into account email registrations, new customer orders and subscriptions to understand how the right combination could drive additional new customer volume at the same — or lower — CPA.


Ovative turned to us to help them dive into Google Search Ads 360 and develop unique column formulas by ad tactics and bid strategies based on campaign-driven values. Working closely, our teams set up and solved issues in order to ensure all the formulas were properly weighted and working seamlessly.


In the six weeks after implementing the formulas and new bid strategies, the teams generated a 108% increase in conversions in six weeks on an 86% increase in spend and lowered CPA by 9%.
"SA360 gives us the flexibility to value and weigh different actions customers can take in our funnel and bid them appropriately."
Ovative Group
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