What We’re Reading: Google’s New Privacy Playbook for Marketers

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Marketers in 2020 are contending with unprecedented challenges. In addition to a pandemic that has upended our day-to-day practices, privacy regulations have driven us to shift the foundation of our marketing work. To help overcome these obstacles, Google released a new resource, “ The marketer’s playbook for navigating today’s privacy environment .” It dives into the changing privacy landscape, shares challenges marketers need to address and breaks down ways you can move forward successfully, including:
  • Building direct relationships with your customers
  • Being flexible with how you reach audiences and measure results
  • Managing data and discovering insights in a privacy-centric way
We’re thrilled Google chose to highlight our client engagement with Twiddy & Company as a privacy-centric data management and insights example in the playbook. As the premier vacation rental company of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Twiddy boasts the largest selection of properties in the region, ranging from historical cottages to large scale venues. We helped the company implement cloud technology to activate its first-party data. Here’s how: First, we upgraded Twiddy’s analytics capabilities by integrating its existing Google Marketing Platform with Google Cloud. We then helped the team use BigQuery, a highly secure data warehouse available on Google Cloud, to bring together all of their first-party customer data, such as website interactions and historical bookings.  Now Twiddy works with Adswerve’s data science team to train machine learning models on the data in order to identify patterns among valuable customers. This enables Twiddy to analyze things like the activity of past website visitors who ended up booking a vacation home to predict the likelihood that a new website visitor is also going to convert. Or combine signals such as someone’s typical travel dates with information about the properties they’re interested in, such as historical availability, to predict when customers would like to hear about a property that’s about to become available.  Conducting this analysis in the cloud, where user-level information is encrypted and aggregated, protects user privacy. Additionally, the Google-integrated infrastructure lets Twiddy launch campaigns in Google Marketing Platform, helping its team make key decisions, such as how much to bid for website visitors based on their conversion probabilities. Gathering, managing and leveraging your data in a secure way not only helps you meet strict privacy regulations, but allows you to uncover new insights, create predictive models and make better decisions that positively impact your marketing efforts — all while protecting user privacy. For Twiddy, this meant they doubled their conversion rates compared to the website average.  Check out Google’s new playbook for other ways you can adapt to today’s marketing privacy challenges and come out ahead. As you read, please keep in mind that our services span the full breadth of Google Marketing and Cloud Platform tools, and we can help you with any of your media and analytics initiatives. Need help? Let’s chat .