The Top Three Things You Should Know About Google Marketing Live 2022

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As the leading Google Marketing, Analytics and Cloud partner, we love Google events and last week’s Google Marketing Live was no exception! It’s typically a time for marketers to learn more about what Google has planned for its platforms and tools. This year, we heard several updates, but here are the top three that caught the eyes of our Adswerve experts.

Performance Max Updates

There was a lot of buzz around Google’s new Performance Max (PMax) campaign. It’s a goal-based campaign type that’s designed to complement your Search campaigns to help you find more conversions across all of Google's channels like YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. Best of all, Performance Max Campaigns are now available in SA360, where you’ll be able to also take advantage of Floodlight signals for increased efficiency in your bidding.

Brent Ramos - Media Platforms Manager

“Historically, Pmax campaigns have been housed within Google Ads and against the gTag only, totally excluded from SA360 or the Floodlight. With this new availability, Adswerve clients for the first time ever will have the ability to optimize and manage Pmax campaigns against Floodlights, and get attribution/reporting for them directly within SA360 and Campaign Manager - which is a huge value add.”​​

Brent Ramos Director of Search

Google Audiences for Connected TV (CTV) in Display & Video 360 (DV360)

Connected TV continues to garner a lot of interest in the programmatic world. Your CTV campaigns will soon be able to take advantage of affinity audiences, reach in-market audiences and target ads based on demographics.

Mary_Kotara Thought Leader

“This is a fantastic next step for Google! I’m glad to see audience targeting for CTV continues to be a priority for Google. Many clients are already using Google’s free audiences on their YouTube, Display, Pre-Roll/Outstream, etc. Line Items. I’m excited they can now simplify campaigns, target the same audience across all formats, and (hopefully) run into fewer roadblocks when running non-YouTube CTV in DV360. We plan to test this out and share caveats and best practices shortly.”

Mary Kotara Senior Programmatic Media Consultant

Durable Privacy-Forward Solutions

Google noted that it’s continuing to invest in durable privacy-forward solutions and is still moving forward on its Interest-Based Ads alpha. And it’s exploring new ways to reach audiences without cookies like Privacy Sandbox APIs and improving machine learning for targeting, bidding and measurement. 

Pat Grady - Adswerve Solutions Engineer

“Google continues to move toward the "Privacy Sandbox" and the post-third-party cookie era that Chrome plans to adopt. By continually updating their Google Ads and DV360 platforms this will allow them to operate more seamlessly when this dramatic change happens.”

Pat Grady Cloud Analytics Solutions Engineer

Other GML Highlights

Google also announced new tools for their Google Ads product that continue to evolve and introduce out-of-the-box analysis, highlights included: 

  • A More Helpful Google Ads Insights Page that will tap into Google’s searches and auction signals to offer more information about your attribution, user conversion pathing and budget pacing
  • Continued Privacy-Safe Measurement & Reporting with Enhanced Conversions, a conversion tracking feature that uses conversion tags to capture customer data and match it with Google logged-in data 
  • Conversion Lift Measurement to help you understand how your YouTube campaigns influence customers based on organic searches on and 

As we see the changes continue to roll out, we’ll keep you posted on the best ways to take advantage of them in your Google-based marketing campaigns. Bookmark our blog so you don’t miss out. And be sure to reach out with any questions!