The Confident Media Buyer: Making the Most Out of Inventory Packages in DV360

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Audience targeting is a longstanding favorite for media buyers, but with the privacy-safe, cookieless future ahead, they will become harder to use and trust. So, where can buyers feel confident putting their media dollars? Inventory packages. They allow for customization, exist across multiple formats and are (mostly) cookieless by nature. Read on to learn more about Inventory Packages in Display & Video 360 (DV360).


From a 500-foot view, Inventory Packages are just a fancy way of saying a site list or deal ID. You can access them on open marketplace inventory and through a private marketplace. Either way, you are opting into a set list of publishers for a specific reason, like their content or core audience.

The Three Main Inventory Packages to Consider Are: 

  • Google-Made Inventory Packages Negotiated with Publishers
    • Inventory Packages located in the DV360 “Marketplace” were curated by Google and the publisher directly and are a private auction.
  • Google-Made Inventory Packages Created in Authorized Buyers
    • Google creates Auction Packages in their Authorized Buyers tool, which can be found in “My Inventory” in DV360 and is open marketplace inventory on Google Ad Manager.
  • Adswerve-Curated Auction Packages 
    • Available exclusively to Adswerve clients, these Auction Packages based on popular inventory requests and top publishers, can be located in the “My Inventory” section. They are specific to Google Ad Manager and run on the open auction.

Pro tip: Interested in leveling up your Inventory Package to a Preferred or Programmatic Guaranteed deal, or not seeing one you are interested in? Adswerve can negotiate a deal ID for you.

Use Cases + Recommended Favorites

The key to any successful programmatic campaign is robust and diversified targeting strategies. Inventory Packages are a great way to help your DV360 campaign reach your audience wherever they are across their programmatically accessible digital journey. They are pre-curated inventory sources that are ready for activation without needing to directly contact a publisher.  

The most common scenario for using an Inventory Package is quick activation against Connected TV inventory and sites predetermined to reach your KPIs.

Here Are More Google Inventory Package Recommendations: 

  • TripleLift - MOAT 70 - Display
  • Adswerve_Curated_Comscore Top 100
  • GCP Latino-owned publishers [self-identified]
  • Legal Drinking Age 21+
  • Google Curated Package - Local Media Consortium Display
  • Warner Media RON News Video Desktop/Mobile
  • SHE Media_DV360_AlwaysOn_Blacked Owned Publishers_Display
  • Premium CTV (AE, AMC, CBS, Discovery, FOX, Fubo, Philo, Pluto, Xumo)
  • NBC Sports - Live Stream CTV
  • March Madness_In-Game Coverage_Live_Xandr Monetize_Video_All Devices
  • DV360 Audio - Auction Package - Podcasts (Global)
  • Google_Audiology Marketplace_DV360_AlwaysOn

Note: There are remaining publishers that do not offer Inventory Packages, like Pandora and PGA, due to their client screening and approval processes. 

Minority-Owned Highlights

To elevate historically underrepresented voices and offer a more diverse inventory set, Google built filters and icons in the DV360 Marketplace section for Black-Owned, Latine-Owned and Women-Owned publishers. You can quickly discover this inventory by checking the box “Black-, women- and Latino-owned publishers only” and applying it to your Line Items immediately.

Screenshot of where to locate the DV360 Marketplace filter for Black-Owned, Latine-Owned and Women-Owned publishers.

Bonus: Check out Google’s recent GMP blog, Supporting a diverse set of publishers in Display & Video 360 for more background on this offering and its importance.

How to Activate

There are three ways you can activate Inventory Packages in DV360:

  1. Head over to DV360’s “Inventory” tab and select “My Inventory.” Search for “Adswerve_Curated,” “Google Curated” or “GCP.” 
  2. Select “Marketplace” in the ‘Inventory” tab. Switch from the “Publishers” selection to “Inventory Packages.” (Like the screenshot above). 
  3. While creating a Line Item, remove all Public Inventory exchanges and open the “Deals and Inventory Packages.”  Search for “Adswerve_Curated,” “Google Curated” or “GCP” and check off those of interest. 

Pro Tip: Be cautious about adding in audience targeting and other DV360 Line Item settings. If you append an Inventory Package to a Line Item and it is not spending, remove settings like Frequency Caps, Viewability, Brand Safety, Automated Bidding Strategies and Language targeting in an order you are comfortable with. Be sure to check the Insertion Order’s “Additional Details” setting on Automated Bidding Strategies for “Apply Deal Floor Price” so the system bids high enough to clear the floor price and win impressions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team