Setting up Google Analytics Site Search with No Query Parameter

March 12, 2014

Tracking Site Search with Google Analytics has never been easier. If your site has an on-site search component then these Site Search reports are one of the most important to have configured and captured correctly. These reports are incredibly valuable because they give us a window into why your visitors are on your site. When these are setup, you get a concise report of what a subset of your visitors are looking for and whether or not they are finding it.

With Query Parameter

Setting up these reports has always been painless if your site search keywords exist in the URL with a query parameter, such as

Site Search With Query Parameter

Without Query Parameter

What most do not realize is that back in May 2013 Google released some significant long-awaited updates to filter fields. Included in this were ‘Internal search term’ and ‘Internal search type,’ which allow for setting up query-less site search results tracking.

An example of a query-less on-site search for Tableau would look like this:

To setup, simply use an Advanced Filter and use the extraction method to write the keyword direct to the aforementioned site search term dimension. This is all you have to do to setup; no other profile settings are needed.

Site Search No Query Parameter