DV360 In-Product Help Is Going Away - Now What?

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Have you noticed that you’re no longer able to directly access Google Support for chat or email in your Display & Video 360 (DV360) account? If you’ve been impacted by the loss of Google Support within the DV360 platform and are looking for what you can do moving forward, this blog’s for you! As an Adswerve senior platform specialist in DV360, I’ve included three of the most asked about platform issues along with tips on how you can work through them on your own. Let’s dive in!

Most Asked-About DV360 Issues

1. Line Item Spending: Are you having issues getting your Line Items to Spend?

If you’ve noticed your Line Items aren’t performing - either spending very little or possibly not spending at all - Google's DV360 Troubleshooter tab is a great place to help you understand where your impression loss is occurring.  

The Troubleshooter tool shows different tiers of impression filtration and helps you analyze and optimize the set-up of your line items to get them spending - starting with Total Available Requests where you can see how many impressions are filtered out due to Targeting and Creatives:

Example of the DV360 Troubleshooter dashboard

All of the impressions that are not filtered out above, move to Eligible Impressions where we look at the effects of Frequency, Budget, and Pacing:

From here, all impressions that made it through the second round of filtration are eligible for bidding and you can see within Bids Submitted whether your bids are too low or if you are losing impressions to other DV360 campaigns:

DV360 Troubleshooter dashboard example of filtered by auction

The final section of the Troubleshooter shows you if there were Bid Responses or if the impressions were then lost to an external DSP:

Using the Troubleshooter tab can be a great way to get insights into your Line Items’ spend. For more Line Item spending tips check out my recent blog post: Why Is My Line Item Not Spending? A DV360 Troubleshooting Guide, which includes more on Reach, Budget, Auctions Lost and more.

2. Creative Rejections: Are you experiencing Creative Rejections?

As creatives are uploaded to the DV360 platform, an automated review process may flag creatives for a variety of reasons, for example: an invalid CM360 tag, ad policy-related issues, or perhaps the landing page is not valid. 

The first step in moving forward is to check the rejection feedback within the Creative Status tab. If your creative does not comply with the policies mentioned in the rejection feedback, you should address any changes that need to be made - then re-upload revised creatives. 

However, there are times when the review process flags something that shouldn’t be rejected. If you’re experiencing a false rejection, you can hit the button to “Resubmit for Approval.”

Example of Creative Status window in DV360

3. Deals: Are you looking for a Programmatic Deal but are unable to find it?

There are a couple of scenarios to keep in mind:

Synced Deals: 

A synced deal is when a publisher will sync a deal directly to DV360 using one of the exchanges listed in this article.

These deals are typically managed at the Partner level and will often need to be accepted within your Partner’s Inventory > Negotiations section before it will show up as a deal in your My Inventory tab (which allows you to assign them to your Line Items).

At Adswerve, our support team can handle the process of helping you locate and accept any deals that you’ve negotiated. But even then, incoming deals can sometimes be hard to find.

When a deal is difficult to locate, a good first step is often confirming the deal’s details with your Publisher. Deals come with unique names and IDs. Simply confirming this information can often help in assuring the deal has synced over.

Be sure to request the following information to help with locating your deal:

  • Deal Name
  • Deal ID
  • Exchange Name 
  • Date the deal was sent

Note, if you’re still having issues locating your deal, you may want to create the deal manually, as detailed below.

Non-synced Deals:

If you’re using an exchange other than one of the exchanges listed here, you will want to create your deal manually by going to Inventory > My Inventory > New. From there you can fill out the details below and SAVE to generate the deal.

Examples of deals in DV360 dashboard

Additional DV360 Help Resources

While the above is only a small sampling of potential issues you may run into, keep in mind you will still be able to utilize Google’s DV360 Help Center to gather more helpful information about any issue you’re experiencing.

Adswerve Connect 

Additionally, if you’re an Adswerve Client you have access to our handy client portal Adswerve Connect. Here you can find a variety of features, including Get Help, which puts you in touch with our standby DV360 experts that can help you get to the bottom of issues like line item spend, creative rejections, accepting deals and more. 

Adswerve Connect also allows you to level up your knowledge with the ability to register for Live Training events, watch on-demand training materials and browse our extensive Resource Library of blogs and case studies, all from your own personalized account dashboard.

Want to learn more about how Adswerve can help you get the most out of the platform? Contact us today!