Adswerve Worklife: Maintaining a Connected Culture With a Distributed Workforce

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Curious about what it's like to work here? In the last five years, Adswerve has changed tremendously. We’ve acquired a handful of companies, including Analytics Pros and Liquidbox and have successfully onboarded scores of employees worldwide. Through it all, we’ve maintained and enhanced our people-first culture, creating a space where employees can grow and thrive. And in a world where employee retention is top of mind, we’ve had some impressive buzz about our practices. Just this year, we received four Built In Best Places to Work Awards. Our chief people officer, Tracy Tobin, was also interviewed on the podcast Recruit Rockstar and was quoted in several publications, including Adweek, Digiday’s Worklife and HR Brew. She discussed how Adswerve created a flexible, connected culture that allows employees to succeed at work and home. Here’s what she had to say.

When companies like ours acquire others, they aren’t always able to retain employees. Tracy shared her input with HR Brew in its article How to effectively onboard employees after an acquisition. She discussed our acquisition of South African web development company Liquidbox and how prioritizing communication and a slow transition with clear expectations helped us retain all 23 Liquidbox employees.

“Tobin said Adswerve was able to retain all employees for the first year after the company's acquisition of Liquidbox, which had 23 workers based in South Africa. She said that it wasn't a "light-switch" integration, but rather a slow transition that worked for her company by ‘trying to break out when they could expect certain things.’ It took over two months, ‘because they still were learning and we communicated with them,’ Tobin said, to layer the process and make it more manageable.”

HR Brew

Whether we’re onboarding due to an acquisition or a new hire, we make sure the new employees feel connected and supported. While staying connected in a distributed work environment with employees worldwide can be challenging, we have years of experience and have learned that it’s important to meet our people when and where it works best for them. Tracy discussed this approach in an article with Digiday's Worklife in the article Execs weigh in on RTO debate after Elon Musk scorns remote working:

“Tracy Tobin, chief people officer at data analytics company Adswerve, believes any company that issues a sweeping ultimatum that favors either a full return to the office or a remote setup, is unreasonable and impractical. ‘Employees want different things and there will always be a need to make exceptions and adjust for different individuals' needs,’ she said. ‘There are many people who want to be in the office on a regular basis, while others prefer to work as much as possible from their home.’”

Digiday Worklife

Being flexible and ensuring everyone feels included and supported no matter where they live is our top priority. And that extends to our in-person meetings and events, too. We recently held a companywide summit in Las Vegas to bring our team together and, in some cases, meet for the first time. Tracy discussed how we approach different team members’ preferences and remain inclusive when it comes to the drinking culture at agencies in a recent Adweek article, Non-Drinkers Are Struggling in an Agency World That Relies on Alcohol.

“Tracy Tobin, the chief people officer at marketing consultancy company Adswerve, is also focused on bringing people together in ways that don’t revolve around alcohol, including volunteer events and extracurricular activities outside of work. ’Though alcohol will likely always be a factor, the ad industry can do more to make sure that it’s not at the core of building a company culture of employee connectivity,” she said.’”


No matter the issue—alcohol or any other area where people have differing opinions or lifestyles—Adswerve strives to ensure that our culture increases our peoples’ wellbeing, happiness and sense of belonging. If you’re interested in joining our team, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our current openings and reach out if you’d like more information!