5 Happy Holiday Ideas for DV360 Buyers in 2020

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US retail eCommerce sales are expected to jump 35.8% to $190.47 billion, which is about 18% of all retail sales. We’re here to help you with actionable targeting ideas to put you right in the action while audiences are spending that money online. Check out the 5 holiday buying ideas below to consider adding them to your Q4 2020 DV360 campaigns!


Q4 always brings strong open marketplace competition and an opportunity to target audiences in places where more people congregate than the rest of the year. Deals are a great way to solve for both of those! Secure qualified inventory on sites and apps that many audiences will visit this time of the year.
  • Triton is developing a special deal to aggregate all stations that plan to play holiday-themed music such as Christmas carols, holiday pop songs, country Christmas classics, seasonal soul music and more.  
  • KAYAK for those audiences booking their rental cars and flights to see family.
  • Match Group for audiences looking to find love this season on Tinder.
  • Roku and SlingTV for audiences watching movies and CTV while at home.
  • SpotX Live Sports deal opportunities for holiday gameday viewers.
  • TuneIn with Smart Speaker and Tesla audio inventory.
  • Hallmark Channel with Crown Media to capture Hallmark Christmas Movie watchers.
Pro-Tip : Search “Adswerve_Curated” in My Inventory for time-saving deals ready to target! Reach out if you are having trouble locating these deals.

Third-Party Purchase Behavior

Shoppers will be in full swing this holiday season and many data providers have valuable information captured and ready to target with your campaigns. Extend beyond Intent and In-Market audiences and dive into known purchase behaviors you can capitalize on this season. Below are a few ideas to get you started.
  • MasterCard and other valuable shopping and purchase-behavior data segments are available. Search “purchase” in the Third-Party Audience List selections in DV360 to explore the opportunities.
  • T-Mobile Marketing Solutions (fka PushSpring) has Holiday and New Year’s segments that can be activated across their O&O mobile display/video inventory. Audiences include gift-givers, chefs, holiday hosts and more.
  • Amazon shoppers, including Heavy Holiday Shoppers, with Oracle/BlueKai, AdAdvisor, Claritas Retail and eXelate.


Gift price points are expected to be lower than in 2019, likely due to the high unemployment rates, so coupons and promotions are a high factor audiences are considering. If available, include downloadable coupons on your landing page and mention promotions in the creative messaging.  

Google Partner Inventory

Not only is this inventory able to reach 95% of the population, but it is also already bundled up in DV360 ready to use. In “My Inventory” in DV360, search for Google’s Holiday Auction Packages (Deal IDs 549644393847004125 and 549644393846519503) to reach audiences while they are online shopping. This inventory may be leveraged via a Deal ID but it is still open marketplace inventory, so the CPMs are more affordable than PMPs or IO-based placements making this a win-win for DV360 buyers.

Lookalike (LAL) audiences from your eCommerce sales data 

The great thing about eCommerce is that you have access to known purchasers instantly and can easily activate on that data via digital platforms. In DV360, you can use floodlights to capture audiences that are shopping and purchasing to create LALs (or Targeting Expansion as Google calls them) for real-time relevant targeting. The best part is this audience incurs no CPM fee to create and target, so it is perfect for cost-based KPIs. 

You’re Not Alone

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