The New Google Analytics is here!


The New Google Analytics (previously called GA4) is here! While this latest iteration of Google Analytics is under development with new features planned, it includes the capabilities we’ve wanted—and needed—over the last few years.

New Google Analytics offers marketers the flexibility and agility to gain more insights, better activate their data and make an even greater impact on their organizations’ business goals—all in a way that protects user privacy.

We’ve created some helpful resources to help you learn more about what’s possible with New GA, how and when to begin implementing it, what’s yet to come and more. Take a look.

Master the Basics of New GA for Web

Our overview guide covers 10 New Google Analytics web capabilities and updates that will transform your workflows and improve your campaigns. Plus, it offers tips for how and when to begin using GA.

Read the Ebook

New Conversion and Events Features

Watch this on-demand webinar to get our expert advice and opinions on GA's new and improved conversion and event features.

Getting Started with BigQuery and New GA

Tune in to learn about GA's free integration with BigQuery and why its an essential foundation for your first-party data strategy.

Case Study: Making the Move to Google

Read how Adswerve helped Condé Nast switch from Adobe Analytics to the enterprise version of Google Analytics, significantly reducing both platform and operational costs.

Read the Case Study

Everything You Need to Know About New GA

Ready to explore GA? Check out advice from our experts so you know exactly how to use the features and capabilities that matter most.

Build Your Skillset with the New GA Demo Properties

The New Google Analytics BigQuery Export: A Quick Overview

What’s New in Google Analytics – You Asked… We Answered!

New GA Measurement Protocol: Python and TypeScript Libraries

DataLayer Inspector+ Tool: Now Updated for New Google Analytics and GTM Server-Side Tagging

New Google Analytics Properties — The Future of Google Analytics

Apple tvOS Tracking with Google Analytics Properties

Getting Started With New GA Dual Tagging

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