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Adswerve offers a wide variety of in-person and online training opportunities for digital marketers who want to level up their Google Marketing Platform (GMP) skills.

Our Approach

Our expert trainers will extend your team’s knowledge with real-life implementation examples and hands-on expertise learned from serving hundreds of clients as a certified sales partner. Whether you’re seeking one-on-one learning or training for a staff of hundreds, we’re ready to help.

Available GMP Courses

Our comprehensive range of courses is designed for organizations looking to develop capabilities in-house, onboard to GMP platforms, or transition from managed to self-service models.

Select from a wide menu of topics, including foundational classes, strategic sessions, hands-on workshops, platform demonstrations, feature releases and more. You can design a personalized training schedule with one-hour, two-hour, four-hour and other hour-block options. Or we can meet with you to understand your organization’s unique needs and create a training agenda that meets those requirements.  

 Level up, get started!

Google Analytics Foundations
Perfect for someone new (or newer) to Google Analytics, our Google Analytics Foundations course defines key terms in GA, provides clarity on basic navigation and introduces a few of the most useful reports.

  • Account Structure
  • Review of Common Metrics
  • Overview of Out-of-the-Box Reports

Google Analytics Customizing Reporting
Google Analytics Customized Reporting builds on basic reporting knowledge to help you get closer to your most relevant data. We’ll show you how to customize out-of-the-box reports, create new custom reports and segment reports to provide a deeper dive into your data.

  • Regular Expressions
  • Modifying Out of the Box Reports
  • Scope & Custom Reporting 
  • Segmentation

Google Analytics Ecommerce Overview
Google Analytics Ecommerce Reporting introduces concepts around Ecommerce metrics like revenue as well as key Ecommerce reports, such as Ecommerce funnels, product analysis and internal promotions.

  • Ecommerce Functionality
  • Report Review
  • Internal Promotions

Google Analytics Content & Navigation
Take a deeper dive into key Behavior reports, engagement metrics and navigation options.

  • Content Reports
  • Content Groupings
  • Navigation Tools

Google Analytics Campaigns, Channels, & Attribution
Google Analytics Campaigns & Attribution takes a closer look at  Acquisition reports. It introduces the concept of UTM parameters, analyzes campaigns and channels and discusses the various methods of attribution.

  • Source/Medium vs Channel 
  • Acquisition Reports
  • Attribution Model

Google Analytics Media Integrations
Dive into the details of connecting your Google Analytics instance to the rest of the Google Marketing Platform solutions so that you are able to get a single view of all of your marketing efforts.

  • Overview and Rationale
  • Campaign Manager 360
  • Display & Video 360
  • Search Ads 360

Google Analytics Administration
Google Analytics Administration covers account management and maintenance, as well as a variety of settings options.

  • Account Management 
  • Property Settings
  • View & Personal Settings

Google Analytics Management API
Google Analytics Management API drills into the deep inner workings of the API that can be used to control your Google Analytics environment for user, property and views. Providing real-world examples of how to call the API and configure scripts to get the most of the offering.

  • API Overview
  • Managing Account, Users, and Data
  • Advanced Tasks
  • Best Practices

Google Analytics 4 Introduction
Get introduced to the brand new Google Analytics product that brings a whole new experience to understanding your users. This course covers the key considerations that are required to understand when switching from Google Analytics Universal Analytics to this new platform. Learn more about what it is, how to set it up and when you should adopt it.

  • Differences versus GA360
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

Data Studio Introduction
Get a foundational knowledge of data visualization with a hands-on approach. We’ll cover an overview of the Data Studio tool, data sources and how to build basic reports. 

  • Data Studio Features & Advantages
  • Data Sources
  • Building a Report
  • Templates & Sharing

Storytelling with Data Studio
While having the right data is important, being able to convey that data is a completely different challenge. In this course we will review best practices in how to take your data and make it compelling for report consumers so that it is easier to understand and more actionable. 

  • Position and Layout
  • Use of Color
  • Visualization
  • Design Rules and Best Practices

Data Studio Advanced
Go beyond the basics and learn about advanced Data Studio settings, calculated fields and data blending. This session includes hands-on demonstrations of the product. 

  • Advanced Settings
  • Calculated Fields and Parameters
  • Data Blending

Optimize Overview
Learn about Optimize functionality, the implementation process, how to build a test and reporting possibilities. 

  • Optimize Functionality 
  • Implementation 
  • Building a Test
  • Reporting

Optimize Advanced
The Optimize Advanced session goes beyond the basics and delves into strategically optimizing your site. We cover  A/B testing, the Bayesian Inference and how to set up a measurement plan. 

  • Determining What to Optimize For
  • What is A/B Testing & Personalization?
  • Bayesian Inference
  • Setting Up a Measurement Plan

Google Tag Manager Introduction
Get guidance on the concepts of tags, triggers and variables, an introduction to the DataLayer and insight into version control. This course includes an interactive tagging exercise.

  • Tags Triggers and Variables
  • The DataLayer
  • Version Control

BigQuery Introduction
The BigQuery Introduction session provides a non-technical overview of the product. Topics covered include BigQuery advantages, general use cases, data structure and how to control costs.

  • Use Cases
  • Controlling Costs
  • Data Structure

BigQuery Advanced
Our BigQuery Overview course provides an introduction to the concepts of cost analysis, standard SQL, data structure and unnesting. It includes an interactive querying exercise. 

  • Cost Analysis
  • Standard SQL
  • Data Structure
  • Unnesting

Google Search Console Introduction
This course is intended for those just starting to get involved with SEO and have only started to scratch the surface of what Google Search Console is capable of. In this session we will review the full capabilities of GSC, which metrics to focus on and how to integrate the data with your Google Analytics environment.

  • GSC Overview
  • SEO KPIs
  • GSC Reports Kinged in Google Analytics

Google Search Console Advanced
Designed as an extension of the GSC Introduction course, this advanced session dives into the details of not only Google Search Console but the broader SEO marketplace, including the tools to be successful, the hidden GSC applications to improve your rank and how to get the most out of the platform.

  • GSC Review
  • Enhancements & Other Advanced Reports
  • Tools

Google Cloud Platform Introduction
In this course we will provide a guided introduction to Google Cloud Platform from the perspective of a digital marketer who is trying to reach beyond just Google Analytics and learn more about what is possible with things like Machine Learning.

  • What is GCP?
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics

Getting Started With Campaign Manager
Campaign Manager helps you create, manage and grow your digital marketing campaigns. Join us for this training where you’ll learn about the account hierarchy, including Floodlight tags and review platform functionality, and walk through the basic steps of how to traffic your campaigns. We’ll also cover best practices and a recommended workflow to help you get started.

  • Account Hierarchy
  • Floodlight Tags
  • Trafficking Campaigns

Getting Started With Display & Video 360
Whether you’re a new Display & Video 360 (DV360) user or a seasoned veteran, this live training will provide helpful education and insights. We’ll teach you how to build campaigns and enact marketing strategies using DV360 targeting capabilities and show you how to utilize its tools and dashboards to help optimize your goals.

  • Product Overview
  • Building Campaigns
  • Marketing Strategies

Display & Video 360 Fundamentals
Learn all about  Google’s Display & Video 360 product and how to utilize its unique modules in this introductory course.

Getting Started with Search Ads 360
Join us to learn about the core functionality of Search Ads 360 (SA360) and what makes it the ultimate tool to manage your paid search campaigns. We’ll share day-to-day tips and tricks and we’ll introduce you to several of the more advanced automation and optimization features that can help you deliver real results and better ROI.

  • Day-to-Day Tips
  • Advanced Automation
  • Optimization

Training Formats

Virtual Remote Training – Schedule private training sessions that are personalized to your business and hosted on virtual conferencing platforms. 

On-Site Trainings – Our trainers will visit your workplace to deliver tailored training designed for your business use cases. 

Online Live Trainings – We offer regular online training covering our most popular courses as well as new topics that arise. 

E-Learning –  Our customers have unlimited access to on-demand training content in our client portal, Adswerve Connect. 

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If you’re an Adswerve client and are interested in more information or would like to schedule training, please contact your Account Manager. If you’re new to Adswerve, please email our training team to get started.