Why You Should Double Down on Data In 2023

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You have options. I recently bylined the MediaPost article, “Brands That Double Down On Data Will Win In (Impending) Recession.” where I speak to why budget cuts are an opportunity to prove that you can increase brand awareness and reach new customers without spending more year over year. 

By modifying your data strategy and intelligently implementing it, you can help make an impact with less financial waste. For example, taking the following actions can help you approach 2023 with confidence, not fear:

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your data and reevaluate what metrics you want—or need—to prioritize this year.
  • Break down silos between your business intelligence, brand marketing and performance media teams.
  • Dual tag your website to prepare for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) so you can access your historical data when Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 360 are no longer available.

“In this increasingly competitive and cash-strapped environment, brands without a clear data-driven strategy will struggle to make an impact.”

Clint Tasset: MediaPost Brands That Double Down On Data Will Win In (Impending) Recession

For more on what’s ahead in 2023 and how you can prepare, check out my MediaPost article and stay tuned to the Adswerve blog for more helpful content from our thought leaders.

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