Adobe + The GMP: How These Two Powerhouses Integrate to Power Your Media

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Countless clients are migrating from Google Analytics 360 (GA360) to GA4, and are in the process of understanding how GA4 and the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) integrate. But what about Adobe and the GMP? 

Adobe is an analytics and data source for many marketers, and the GMP is their consolidated media buying stack. Understanding how marketers can merge the two to truly power their media, given their existing stack, is critical for success in 2o24 and beyond. Let’s break down the different Adobe platforms as a starting point. 

Adobe Platforms

Adobe has many analytics tools and platforms for brands to adopt. Each platform operates differently wit the GMP, so it’s important to first establish which Adobe tool the client will leverage for their strategy and pair it with the possibilities. 

  • Adobe Analytics: Search Ads 360 (SA360) for bidding and reporting.
  • Real-Time CDP (RTCDP): Display & Video 360 (DV360) for targeting.
  • Customer Journey Analytics (CJA): BigQuery integration, but no media GMP integration. 
  • Adobe Journey Optimizer, Adobe Target, Adobe Launch: No native integrations with the GMP. However, MiaProva's GA4T Connector allows Adobe Target data to be utilized within GA4 for automated audience creation and real-time reporting.
  • Adobe RTCDP Connections (i.e. server-side extension): GA4 and Google Cloud integration but no media GMP integration.
  • Adobe Audience Manager: No integration with the GMP.

What about Adobe Experience Platform (AEP)?

Connectors can bring any data into AEP as a centralized data hub! You can then use the data for audience segments in the  Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) or analysis in Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (CJA).  

GMP Integrations by Media Platform

Now that we understand each of the Adobe platforms and how they connect with the GMP (or don’t) we can dive deeper into the specifics of each connection. Read on to discover just how to empower Adobe and GMP media integrations.

SA360 & Adobe Analytics

Features and Benefits:
  • Adobe Analytics can share some of the data it collects with SA360
  • Shared floodlight linkage
  • What does it provide?
    • Use SA360 reports to find which keywords, dynamic targets, and other biddable items lead to visits, events and revenue recorded by Adobe Analytics
      • Create a custom conversion column and select the Floodlight conversion action SA360 created for the Adobe Analytics metrics you added 
    • Use Adobe Analytics data in an SA360 bid strategy that maximizes conversions
    • Use the Adobe Analytics data and create custom formula columns and automated rules to automate your workflow
      • In the “Conditions” section, the “+ Attribute or metric” list includes all Floodlight conversion actions in your sub-manager account. Select an activity that SA360 created to contain data from an Adobe Analytics metric
  • Credentials in the Adobe Developer Console

DV360 & Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP)

Features & Benefits:
  • DV360 direct integration
    • You must contact Google and ask for Adobe to be put on the list of allowed data providers
    • Targeting: Display, Video (including YouTube) and Mobile inventory
      • Uses cookies and device IDs for targeting from site data
      • The matching is done outside of AEP but utilizes an Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).
    • Note: Existing AAM customers should be familiar with how device-based destinations work, like this one.
    • Audiences can be segmented from AEP
    • Matching: Expect low match rates going from site IDs to cookies
  • Customer Match destination
    • Targeting: Display, Video (including YouTube) and Mobile inventory
      • Matches your data directly with Google users and is the more popular option - hashed email and/or phone number (using SHA265 algorithm) as well as mobile device IDs. You can also send your own customer ID if it has been synchronized using gtag.
      • Best used for “known customers” targeting across YouTube
    • It’s possible to share Google Customer Match audiences with DV360 from Google Ads Accounts
    • Audiences can be segmented from AEP
    • Matching: A one-to-one match between your customers and Google customers. Your addressable audience size in Google and your “match rate” with your original audience are simply reflections of how many of your customer identities are recognized as Google customers. 

CM360 & Adobe Analytics

Features and Benefits:
  • SA360 linking to see Adobe Analytics data in reports in Report Builder. You link SA360 but data is available in CM360.
    • Specifically “paid search dimensions and metrics”

Better Together

Leveraging integrations between Adobe and the Google Marketing Platform can significantly enhance your media strategy. By understanding how each platform connects and using tools like the MiaProva GA4T Connector, marketers can unlock new levels of success. We hope this understanding of what’s possible, will open your eyes to new potential solutions for your needs. Have questions? Our expertise can help you navigate the pathways of combining Adobe and GMP, empowering your media efforts for success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your integration needs and elevate your marketing performance.