Webinar: Navigating the CTV Landscape


Special Guests: Ryan Troha (Mindgruve), Charlie Hackley (C-K); with Adswerve Experts: Kelly Hayes and Brittany Medina

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On-Demand: Navigating the CTV LandscapeAdswerve Navigating the CTV Landscape webinar

In an era where Connected TV (CTV) is rapidly reshaping the media landscape, it's crucial for professionals in the field to stay ahead of the curve.

Unlock the Power of CTV

Take a deep dive into the world of CTV:

  • Learn more about what defines CTV
  • Take a look at its current state and future possibilities
  • Explore the challenges and benefits of integrating CTV into digital marketing strategies
  • Gain real-world insights from professionals in the field around strategies, budget considerations, measuring success and more! 

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