Webinar: Digital Marketing Evolution: The Future Beyond Third-Party Cookies


Jake Winter and Luka Cempre

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Join us as we delve into the evolving landscape of digital marketing amid increasing privacy regulations and the phasing out of third-party cookies. This webinar is designed for data analysts, marketers, and tech professionals who are navigating the shift toward a more private digital environment.

Unveil the Future of Digital Marketing with an exploration into:

  • Understanding the Evolving Landscape: Discover what the future holds beyond third-party cookies and how first-party data becomes pivotal. We will also discuss the Privacy Sandbox and its impact on the landscape.
  • Surviving the Next Generation of Digital Marketing Data: Learn about key strategies from our comprehensive survival checklist including domain consolidation, unified customer IDs, and server-created first-party device IDs.
  • Navigating Privacy and Data Complexity: Explore how the changing privacy legislation impacts analytics practices and the importance of adopting a uniform privacy approach.
  • Modernizing Your Data Ecosystem: Gain insights into modernizing your data processes, including migrating to cloud-hosted solutions, using clean rooms, and leveraging semantic data modeling for better data governance.
  • Expert Insights and Q&A: Hear from leading experts in data and analytics, Jake Winter and Luka Cempre, as they share insights and answer your questions during the live session.

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