Leading the Next Evolution in Analytics Featuring Arrow Electronics' Molly Engleking


Adswerve's Head of Innovation Charles Farina and Arrow Electronics' Molly Engleking

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As we navigate through an era marked by rapid digital transformation, the importance of analytics in shaping business strategies and driving success has never been greater. To help shine a light, Adswerve, joined Arrow Electronics for a recent CMSWire webinar, available now on-demand, to discuss the next evolution in analytics.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Featuring Charles Farina, Adswerve's Vice President of Analytics and renowned Google Analytics 4 and Adobe Analytics expert, alongside Molly Engleking, Director of Digital Data, Insights & Analytics at Arrow Electronics, this webinar dives deep into the evolving world of digital analytics, including:

  • The Evolving Landscape of Digital Analytics: Understand how digital analytics is changing and what it means for businesses.
  • Strategic Thinking in Digital Analytics: Learn how to incorporate analytics into your strategic planning effectively.
  • Arrow Electronics' Analytics Transformation: Gain insights into how Arrow Electronics is leveraging Adobe Customer Journey Analytics to expand their analytics capabilities.
  • The Path Forward: Discover strategies and best practices for staying ahead in the fast-paced world of digital analytics.

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