Webinar: Introduction to Google’s Privacy Sandbox


Luka Cempre

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As the digital marketing landscape evolves, balancing user privacy with the needs of advertisers and publishers has become crucial. Dive into our recorded webinar to learn about Google's Privacy Sandbox solution. This recorded session aims to demystify the Privacy Sandbox, providing insights into its core components, benefits and the common misconceptions surrounding it.

Webinar Highlights Include:

  • An Introduction to the Privacy Sandbox: Discover what Google’s Privacy Sandbox is and how it balances user privacy with the needs of advertisers and publishers.
  • Exploration of Common Misconceptions: Find out who should be testing this technology now and what the implications are for brands, advertisers and the future of digital advertising.
  • Tech Overview: Learn more about the core components of Privacy Sandbox, including the Topics API, Protected Audience API and Attribution Reporting.
  • The Road Ahead: Explore the current Privacy Sandbox timeline and what should be next on your radar.
  • + Q&A

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Introduction to Google’s Privacy Sandbox (On-Demand)

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