How Love Communications Upscaled Its Facebook Ads Services With Adswerve

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Adswerve creates proprietary tools to help our clients be more efficient and meet their goals faster and easier. We recently helped one agency client that needed an easy, reliable and cost-effective way to transfer their clients' data into BigQuery (their data warehouse) and its dashboarding ecosystem. Here’s a quick recap of the story.

The Story

Full-service advertising and marketing firm Love Communications works across an extensive range of industries and markets, so it uses Facebook Ads for several clients—more than 30 at any given time. 

Utilizing Adswerve’s Data Transfer App with the Facebook Ads Connector they were able to transfer Facebook Ads data into BigQuery and then integrate it with other datasets like Google Analytics.  Love Communications had full ownership and control of the data transfers, including the ability to stop and start transfers at any time. The Data Transfer App, viewed through our Adswerve Connect clients' self-serve portal, displayed the data freshness, transfer status and provided access to logs to investigate if any errors transpired.

The Results

By using Adswerve’s Facebook Ads Connector daily to copy Facebook Ads data into its dashboard ecosystem, Love Communications scaled the number of clients onboarded in its data warehouse by 500%. And now it spends 65% less time to set up a Facebook Ads data pipeline.

65% less time to set up a Facebook Ads data pipeline

Get the Details

Download the case study to read the whole story, and learn more about Adswerve’s Data Transfer Services. And if you're interested in trying our Data Transfer Services for yourself, check out our limited-time offer available to our Google Cloud customers: we'll set up one Facebook account and one Data Studio template for free. Contact us before September 30th to take advantage of this offer.

Do you have additional questions about our Data Transfer Services? Please drop us a line.