10 Free Media and Analytics Hacks to Make Life Easier While Working From Your Couch

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As we all adjust to the current pandemic-inspired 100% Work From Home Life, and potential peaks in our daily workloads, any efficiencies saved can be one less thing to worry about in an otherwise volatile time. We hope that sharing these common, but very effective, free media tools can help you be more efficient, even while working from the couch. 
  • Adswerve Data Layer Inspector Tool: This is an incredibly powerful tool. Inspect GA activity, troubleshoot hits, events and data layer formats in real-time. Alternatively, push script, containers and step-ups directly from this powerful plugin.
  • Where Goes? URL Follow: We all encounter URL strings that break and redirects that fall off. Moreso, we may be consuming ads in which the URL redirects to locations on the front end that we may not see. Use this tool to diagnose, troubleshoot, uncover and even perform competitive analysis.
  • Google Tag Assistant: Quick glance troubleshooter for placement, implementation and more for all your Google tags with this Chrome plug-n.
  • Sharethrough Headline Analyzer: Need assistance designing the perfect headline or copy? Industry leader and all-around native champion, Sharethrough, has provided a free tool to assist. This analyzer helps generate headline lengths, context words, engagement scores, alerts any use of passive language, and scores you directly within the tool —  all backed with neuroscience-based recommendations.
  • Google Trends: In this era, queries and search trends are very volatile. Keep a pulse on what is trending to influence media decisions and tactical margins.
  • HTML5 Validator: Validate and check your HTML5 assets before going live by uploading here. Receive a list of errors and correct them as necessary.
  • Meyers Decoder/Encoder: Make sense of gibberish. Sometimes, we have to fix long strings of code or URL syntax. To make things easier, you can plug in any text string or URL, and decode it for clarity.
  • Scraper Content Extractor: Need to quickly extract text from web copy? Use this plugin to extract web-based text directly to excel to start editing.
  • SpyFu Keyword Based Research: Even within the midst of a global event, brand competitiveness remains. Take action by harvesting new keywords and negative keyword research to fortify your search portfolio.
  • RegEx101: Every now and then, we in the media world will need to perform some light RegEx, for example in custom Tag Manager deployments. Use this browser-based editor tool to help.
Every little bit helps. And as media professionals operating during a global event, we hope sharing these free tools can assist with efficiency and brighten your couch execution a bit more. Feel free to reach out to us directly, or visit our new Forward. Together. content hub f or additional resources and advice for customer success during these challenging times.