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Get new predictive modeling playbooks that help you understand your customers’ behaviors and identify ways to influence their actions.

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Get the Playbooks Propensity & Churn Modeling and Content Recommendation

Predictive Modeling to Help You Connect with Your Customers

Adswerve, a leading Google Marketing & Cloud Platform Partner and Provider, recently developed new playbooks to help marketers better understand and predict their customers’ behavior, and identify content that will resonate with them. The playbooks are now part of the Google News Initiative (GNI) for publishers and media members, but are applicable to any businesses seeking predictive audience insights. Access the playbooks here.

Learn how to analyze propensity and churn.

Identify content that will reduce churn.

Make a measurable impact and prove results.

Likelihood to Act: Mapping Key Action Points of the Subscriber Journey

This comprehensive playbook helps you build models that will allow you to understand your potential for gaining or losing customers, allowing you to intervene and retain business.
Posted 2/18/20

Maximizing the Value of Your Content

This playbook allows you to understand what content will resonate with your customers at specific points in their buyers’ journeys. Posted 2/18/20

Three Factors for A Successful Data Science & Machine Learning Project

Watch the video to learn how to take your analytics practices to the next level.


Adswerve helps publication industry leader, Gannett, build advanced analytics models to boost revenue.

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