Leveraging GA360 to Improve Your Media Buy

Watch this on-demand webinar now and learn about key reports, resources and updates to GA360 that will help you optimize your media budget. You’ll also learn more about:

  • Key Differences Between Paid & Free Versions of Google Analytics: We will cover the benefits of GA360 including the ability to connect with Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager, accessing more data without sampling and much more.
  • Media Activation and Attribution using GA360: With industry changes happening around privacy, using first-party data is more important than ever before. Learn how to leverage native connectors to get deep insights into performance and activate those insights.
  • New Features and Updates: We will touch on new updates in GA360, Data Studio, and Google Optimize that you can leverage with your clients.
  • Data Auditing: Get a free Data Studio report you can use to provide a health check on the data in Google Analytics (free or GA360), so you can have confidence in your reports and insights.

Watch the Leveraging GA360 Webinar