Getting Started with SEARCH ADS 360

The process for launching your paid search campaign in Search Ads 360 (SA360) is easy, quick and requires no trafficking. See the following steps on how to get started.

Step 1: Create Advertiser in Campaign Manager 360 (CM360)

To begin, decide which CM360 Advertiser you would like to link to your Search Ads 360 account. If you do not already have an Advertiser in CM360, you must create one. The purpose is for sharing your Floodlight configuration between Display and Search, which will allow for cross-channel attribution.

Step 2: SA360 Advertiser Creation

Once your CM360 Advertiser is created, you will be able to create your Advertiser in SA360. 

To get this process started, the following information is required:

  • Advertiser Details
    • Advertiser Name and Currency for your account data.
  • Search Engine Details
    • Engine account ID
  • CM Configuration Details
    • You can locate this information by clicking into your Advertisers Tab in CM.
      • CM Network ID
      • CM Advertiser Name
      • CM Advertiser ID

Please reach out to us on Adswerve Connect if you need any help setting up your SA360 advertiser.

Step 3: Engine Account Setup

In order to manage any Search Engine accounts (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, etc.) within SA360, you will want to link the engine account(s) to your SA360 advertiser in order to establish an API connection. 

Once you have made an API link request to your external engine(s), you will be required to sign directly into your Search Engine account to approve an API linking request. You will be notified if this step is required.

Please reach out if you need any assistance adding your engine accounts in SA360.

Step 4: Sync

Once your Advertiser and Search Engine accounts have been linked to SA360, you can now sync your accounts and automatically pull in all of your external content (campaigns, keywords, etc) into SA360. At this time, we will also discuss your training needs if needed.

Please note, when you perform your first sync, this is when your account will start to incur cost and when your daily syncs will start. 

Optional Features

Optional: Link an SA360 Advertiser with Google Analytics

By linking your Google Analytics (GA) account with your SA360 advertiser, you will be able to share relevant GA data with SA360. If linked, you can leverage top SA360 features with the additional option of using GA goal and session data when creating Bid Strategies, Rules and Reports.

Each SA360 advertiser displays data from a single Google Analytics web property, but you can create a view in Google Analytics to filter the data that’s available to SA360.

If you need any help linking your SA360 with GA, please reach out and we’d be happy to help.

Optional: Link a Merchant Center Account to SA360

Retail advertisers can create and manage Shopping campaigns, Management (Inventory-Aware) campaigns, or inventory-aware campaigns directly in Search Ads 360. To take advantage of Search Ads 360’s powerful Merchant Center integration, users must first link their Merchant Center accounts to SA360.

Note: Your Merchant account must first be linked to Google Ads before you can link it to SA360.

Please reach out if you need help linking your Merchant Center account to SA360.

Summary of Supported SA360 Features

To access a list of supported features for each engine type within SA360, please follow the links below:

Google Ads

Microsoft Advertising 

Yahoo! Gemini

Yahoo! Japan


Helpful Resources

If you are interested in completing the Search Ads 360 certification training via Google Skillshop, you can access it here.

The SA360 Help Center provides a Getting Started Guide that provides a wealth of information to launch your campaigns and provides a checklist of what to review when setting up a Campaign.

Stay on top of the latest updates by subscribing to the Google Marketing Platform Blog.

For additional questions, please contact us through Adswerve Connect.