Your Users Are Disappearing. What Now? (Part Two)

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If you missed "Your Users Are Disappearing. Now What? (Part One)", make sure to read it first. Then continue below for new ways to activate your data. After reading part one, you have doubled the future-proofing and privacy effort by creating a dashboarding and reporting suite. With crystal clarity, comes new power. Now, let’s activate it! Bid to LTV  Once your data is warehoused and centralized, there are a host of things you can do that reach far past what your competitors are likely doing. For example, with Search Ads 360 (SA360) - we now have the ability for bidding to LTV because not only do all your new data points allow for this, but with the right sherpa, we can score it, train it and deploy it against search algorithms to digest and chase. Something far more custom then any competitor is likely attempting in your space.  Knowing the return on ad spend (ROAS) of your most profitable customers individually and by tier, is priceless information. Now, imagine bidding up 100% rather than 50% at the split-second of a search auction or query, and letting SA360 serve custom offers based on knowing that this person means more to you than the last one. Because historically, this person buys small items as seen by a machine, but now with added clarity, they actually have a loyalty card, and visit the store 10 days a month to check things out. This means way more to us, as opposed to the last query who may buy a more expensive item but only visits the store one day a month and does not have a loyalty card.  These users should be treated differently, and search bidding or messaging should follow suit with the outcome being direct propensity conversion, churn prevention, higher margins or just the opportunity to be a better storyteller to your most loyal users.  Bid to voicemail semantics  Are phone calls or voicemail messages important to you? Are you currently bidding to these conversions with search? It is time to take it a step further! Thanks to the data warehousing and visualization work mentioned above, we can also bid actual semantics of those messages or calls. Why? Because, not all messages are created equal For example, a one-minute voicemail from a ‘call-bot’ is of zero value to chase. Or, maybe someone unhappy and complaining about a billing mishap, or a user sitting on hold for 45 seconds should not equal a reason for you to throw dollars at them. By scoring the natural language of a message, we can predictively pipe in models to SA360 , and only bid up on positive affirmations, or buy signals, nested in human language and conversation. For example, if someone mentioned ‘buy’ ‘new customer’, and ‘referral’ in the voicemail, it could warrant an 80% bid modifier, as opposed to 0% for those that return ‘technical help, ‘billing problem’, etc. Again, all of this under the lens of search is occurring in the split-second of a query and auction. Does this sound like a lot of work? It doesn’t have to be difficult  if you follow two essential steps:  Procure the tools: It is all about future-proofing and being a good steward first. Reach out to us and let’s talk about the necessary tools that will set you up for success in the five to 10 year outlook. Our preferred tools are: ADH, BigQuery, DataStudio and GoogleCloud. Want to utilize other tools instead? No problem, we can meet you wherever you are at.  Enable Some Sherpas: Do you have talent in-house that can build? Or, are you working with a third party? We can work in tandem directly with your team, or with third parties, and assist at every step of the way. Looking for a team? We can do it all on your behalf if needed. Reach out to us today for a free consultation!